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Posted on 4/4/2014
Now is the time to get your Jakes Event scheduled. This Caravan is ready to roll into your neighborhood when your date is here. Lets all work to keep all three trailers rolling throughout the year. The only time they should be sitting still is when the Kids are lined up and shooting inside the range.
Contact Jason Stucky: E Mail: turkeyhunter45@yahoo.com or call him at 320-493-1508. You can also contact Richard Martin. Phone Number:218-255-0428, E-Mail: pappy4175173@arvig.net
Posted on 4/3/2014
Jakes Raffle Tickets are available, Contact Jason Stucky to find some in your area .
Phone; 320-493-1508 or E Mail: turkeyhunter45@yahoo.com
Posted on 3/9/2014
Click on the Jakes Take Aim Request Form and enlarge and then copy. Send to Jason Stucky, E Mail: turkeyhunter45@yahoo.com and Richard Martin, Email: pappy4175173@arvig.net
Posted on 2/18/2014
Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt.

When the NWTF was founded in 1973, there were approximately 1.5 million wild turkeys in North America. After 40 years of dedicated work, that number hit a historic high of almost 7 million turkeys.

In recent years, however, national turkey populations have been declining – just one of the challenges the hunting community faces today.

We are at a critical juncture in the future of wildlife habitat conservation and the preservation of our hunting heritage. The NWTF is ready for the challenge and will be a leader for the next 40 years, standing as one team with one mission. Your continued support is essential
Posted on 2/16/2014
Posted on 2/6/2014
For Immediate Release
NWTF Applauds the New Farm Bill
For more information, contact Melanie Swearingen at (803) 637-7634.

EDGEFIELD, S.C. - After years of work since the Farm Bill of 2008 expired, Congress has passed a comprehensive bill that includes strong provisions for conservation and sportsmen.
The Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act, or 2014 Farm Bill, includes key conservation components that benefit the country's wildlife and natural resources as well as our sporting heritage.
While the Conservation Title of this Farm Bill is smaller, it consolidates and simplifies programs. A key provision of this bill ties crop insurance to conservation compliance and ensures we are farming the best tillable ground and protecting highly erodible and wetland acreage. This bill also includes a Sodsaver program that discourages farmers from tilling sensitive native grassland habitats in areas of the county; it provides dedicated funding for the Environmental Quality Incentives Program; extends stewardship contracting; creates mandatory funding for thinning and burning on Conservation Reserve Program lands as well as mandatory funding for voluntary hunter access program, such as the Voluntary Pubic Access and Habitat Incentives Program, which will receive $40 million of guaranteed funding; and enhance forestry provisions that strengthen forest management across the United States.
"We are extremely pleased with the Conservation Title in this Farm Bill," said Becky Humphries, executive vice president of conservation for the National Wild Turkey Federation. "We applaud the work of Chairwoman Stabenow and Chairman Lucas to write and pass a farm bill that is simpler, more streamlined, but provides key provisions for good conservation."
Learn more about the NWTF at www.nwtf.org.

Posted on 2/5/2014
To all –

We are repeating this program offered last year. This is a subsidized program that makes the cost of these habitat items cheaper FOR THE MEMBER! This is only going to be mailed to adult members in MN. Sponsors can order two packets – where members can only order one.

We used all the money allocated last year – so we expect it be popular again!

Use this as a sales tool for sponsors – as a benefit of being a sponsor (and member)!!

Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt!


Tom Glines
Senior Regional Director – MN, Manitoba, Western WI
13075 Linnet St NW
Coon Rapids, MN 55448

In life - if you have borrowed something - return it in the same or better condition than you recieved it! - Ed Glines, Jr. (my father)

Conserve. Hunt. Share.

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Posted on 1/29/2014
Action Alert
Contact Your Congressional Leaders Today!
The National Wild Turkey Federation urges Congress to support the bipartisan Agricultural Act of 2014, also known as the Farm Bill.
The Farm Bill (H.R.2642/S.954) is the largest piece of legislation that directs conservation and ensures upland habitat sustainability on farmlands across the country.
“We’re glad Congress listened to conservation groups and addressed the need for Sodsaver and conservation compliance tied to crop insurance, and we ask Congress to pass this comprehensive legislation that greatly benefits conservation efforts throughout the U.S.,” said Becky Humphries, NWTF executive vice president for conservation.
The NWTF expresses its gratitude to the principle negotiators on the Agriculture Committees, including Sen. Debbie Stabenow, Rep. Frank Lucas, Sen. Thad Cochran and Rep. Collin Peterson, who worked tirelessly to find a compromise.
Other key conservation components that benefit the country’s wildlife and natural resources are dedicated funding for the Environmental Quality Incentives Program, the extension of stewardship contracting, mandatory funding for thinning and burning in the Conservation Reserve Program lands, mandatory funding for voluntary hunter access programs, funding for CRP at 24 million acres and forestry provisions that strengthen forest management.
Please contact your Congressional leaders today to ask them to support this vital legislation, which is crucial to preserving wild turkey and upland wildlife habitat and achieving our Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. objectives.
National Wild Turkey Federation
770 Augusta Rd., Edgefield, SC 29824
Posted on 1/29/2014
You’re Invited to a Special Event for Sponsor Members
What: Sponsor Reception
Why: Because we appreciate your NWTF Sponsorship
When: During our National Convention, Thursday February 13, 2014
Where: Presidential Ballroom A&B
Time: 4:30-5:30
We’re providing the entertainment and a lot of fun as a way to say thanks for your sponsor membership and support of the NWTF. Just bring your membership card or other proof of your sponsor membership for easy entry into this entertaining event. As a special treat, country music entertainer Billy Dawson will be performing throughout the reception!
See you in Nashville!
Posted on 1/16/2014
Congratulations to all who put so much effort into their work. These people are true artists and deserve to be recognize. The list is posted, and if you se these people please let them know how great their work is. I hope some do well at National.