September State Board minutes
Posted on 1/1/2013



LOCATION: Arrowwood Resort, Alexandria, MN


TIME/DATE:  10:00 am / Sunday, September 9, 2012


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: President–Dick Snyder, Vice-President–Wayne Wiener, Secretary–Steve Hanson, Treasurer–Eugene Crandall, Sergeant At Arms-Kevin Kuehl, Rod Brasel, Jerry Jenkins, Herb Krueger, Richard Martin Sr., Warren Robertson, Tiffany Schindeldecker, Larry Stcynske, Jason Stucky.


BOARD MEMBERS MISSING: Kevin Klar, Lonnie Lewin, Sandy Loken, Lance Morgan, Thomas Poirot,


NWTF STAFF PRESENT: RDs Tom Glines, Todd Fairbanks, Dave Mahlke, Eric Linder and Biologist Rick Horton.




REPORT WRITTEN BY:  Steven M. Hanson, P.O. Box 53, Detroit Lakes, MN 56502, 218-841-4938 smhanson@lakesnet.net


The Board walked around the facilities and checked out the rooms for the State Convention. Many suggestions were made and Tom will finalize them and have them for the next Board Meting.


President Snyder called the meeting to order and lead the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.


President Snyder introduced several guests, Tanna Stucky, Eric Rice and Shane Simpson.


The agenda was passed out and approved.


Tiffany S. was aware of several changes to the minutes and will make those changes and resend them out.


PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Dick S. talked about the 4H State Shoot, Kevin Kuehl, Dar Rankin and Dick were there on Saturday and Joe Dubke was there on Saturday to represent the MN NWTF and present them with a $5,800 check.


Nominations for Conservation Officer for the Year need to be to him by Oct 19, 2012.


Dick mentioned that we are supporting the Camp Ripley Deer Hunt.


SUPER FUND REPORT: Wayne W. mentioned the approval of the hunts and the Super Fund requests at the June Meeting. An extra $203 was required to fully fund the acorn seeding on the Pesina tract near Glencoe because the drought made it impossible to collect wild nuts and we had to purchase them.


SERGEANT AT ARMS REPORT: Kevin K. handed out a list of the items the State Chapter owns and who should have them. He will update the list with a couple of changes.


TREASURER’S REPORT: Eugene C. gave an oral report as his printer was not able to print out a report. We have $6,811 in our checking and $20,000 in our savings account.


SPONSOR REPORT: Dick S. gave the report; we have 869 sponsors for a $3,173 in our program. There were 68 Kirby calls given out at banquets for an average of $117 profit. The #1 will be auctioned off at the State Convention along with 5 others; the remaining 11 would be sold on a first come basis. The RDs were instructed to find a knife sharpening kit for next years Sponsor Gift.



RD Todd Fairbanks: Since we last met he has had a couple of banquets, 1 was up and other was a little down. Attendance for both was up, so it appears things are moving upward. He had a Sept 1 Wheelin’ Sportsman Motorcycle Event with 15 riders, next weekend he will conduct a calling contest in Worthington, and his last banquet is in Perley in Dec.


RD Eric Linder: Our National year end is August 31 and all the RDs are trying to get everything cleaned up. Kevin K’s Motorcycle Event had 29 bikes and 21 riders and had a $1,500 profit. It was a small event to help raise some money and awareness.


RD Dave Mahlke: Mentioned how good it was to be back in MN and how blessed he is to be on the NWTF Staff. He told us MN ended the year mostly flat. We had 95 banquets last year and 92 this year, 4742 verses 4553 members and 972 sponsors last year and 971 this year. 2013 looks like it’s shaping up to be a better year. The National Leadership Meeting will be June 14-17, 2013, staff will be there all week and our event will be Friday through Sunday at the Marriot in Augusta, Georgia. We have been assured we will all be in the man motel this year.


RD Tom Glines: Facebook is working for us.

The Harley Davidson Raffle – the bike costs us $17,380 – 40% of the sales will come back the State, only 2,000 tickets will be sold so please continue to sell the tickets.

The Versa Max Raffle had $1.3 million in sales and $660,000 stayed in local chapters.

Due to the high demand in the program, Tom would like to purchase another JAKES trailer and will be working to get more Potterfield money back to the State.



He will also try to access money for the School Shooting Sports. 33 schools got $20,000 to apply for 5% of their accounts twice a year. Mike Kurre gets all School applications; each school must have a shooting sports program. A huge discussion followed on how to apply for the funds.

The RDS have been offered the chance to have a fund raiser at the Summit Brewery, more info to follow.

Is anyone interested in having a booth at the Game Fair?

How about the thought of having a booth for the 12 days of the State Fair?


Biologist Rick Horton: We need to do a better job of blowing our own horn. Tag more pictures for Facebook. Tell chapters to invite local reporters to events, and to take photos and write up events for posting on Facebook and the website.

He pointed to the new Conservation Banner and stand for Habitat from National which is now available for Board use.

Excell Energy has 4,000 acres along the Mississippi River on the Sherco Power Plant in Becker that is being used for an archery Wounded Warrior Deer Hunt, we said we would help with expenses with the hope of getting our foot in for a Spring turkey hunt. Only issue is it would have to be an archery hunt due to no firearms allowed.

We dropped a potential Superior National forest Stewardship Grant for moose habitat work because it would not involve any turkey habitat, was in a remote location and there are no Chapters in the area. We are instead pursuing an agreement with the Ottawa National Forest.

The DNR Wildlife Chief position is vacant, but our tech rep Steve Merchant is acting Chief.

Rick is working with the DNR and the Fish and NRCS to get more trees planted in SW MN. We are close to getting an agreement to allow trees to be planted where they historically were.


MOHA REPORT: Warren R said MOHA and the MN DNR are trying to work together for more youth retention.

There will be no calendar this year.

The Hunting Works for MN annual meeting is next Monday.

Oct 6 will be the dedication of the Dishpan and Don McMillan WMA. MOHA is thinking about a Scholarship Memorial Fund in honor of Don.


FALL RAFFLE REPORT: Rod B. announced that tickets are now available and board members will be given theirs before they leave, the rest would be mailed out in the next week. The prizes are the same as last year, $5,000 grand prize and 3 -$1,000 shopping sprees and 6 guns. The seller of the first 4 prizes will also receive $1,000 cash and 3 - $1,000 shopping sprees.


JAKES REPORT: Jason S. said he needs to get 2 guns fixed. A couple of times the trailer was brought back and had to be re-wrapped which takes a couple of hours.

A motion to pay Jason $250 if he has to bring the trailer to an event and then has to stay and run it was approved.

MN NWTF reaches 8,500 kids, National would like to reach 100,000 kids a year, MN has almost 10%.


Jason would like to work several Boy Scout Events; a couple of Day Camps for Cub Scouts, a Webelos Program to show how to use a box call, Boy Scout Camp in Merrifield, which Lonnie L will help and a Winter Camp. The Boy Scouts also have a booth at the St. Cloud Air Show which has 20,000 people attend. There is no charge to use the JAKES Trailer, but maybe we could have a Free Will Donation Bucket.


Jason would like to get the Youth Art Contest going again at the State convention. We will advertise it on the Website.




PROMOTIONS REPORT: Tiffany S. said the Gobbler Gossip would be printed the Monday before Thanksgiving and mailed out shortly there after.

Nominations should be made for the Board before November 1st. All current Board Members who wish to continue on the Board must also apply. Tom will send the application to all Chapters.


Will we have a place for a Trade Show at the Convention? After some discussion, it was determined we will have space to hold a Trade Show Area.


Tiffany stated that our Website and the National Website needs to work together or we might as well drop our site. We need to keep informing National to get things right. We will continue to work on our Site and make corrections with National.


DNR UPDATES: No report.



Steve H. was asked about the status of the Constitution and Bylaws, he told the Board that he had sent out the corrections each time someone made one and that he had sent out the last revision several months ago and only a few people made any further comments. Larry S. would like to get a final copy and then go over it as a Board to allow for comment and discussions. Steve said he would resend it out to the Board for any last changes and then send it to Dave M who would pass it along to National for further review. Once it passed National’s preliminary check, he would bring it back to the full board for final approval.


Eric Rice talked about our Call Making Contest and the interest it is gaining from call makers around the Country. Eric has worked closely with Warren R. to come up with a set of rules which brings us in par with other contests around the Country. They propose that we go from 6 divisions to 11 divisions. They would like to have $1,700 in cash prizes, if we have 60 entrants it would bring in $1,800. All the first place calls would be put on the Live Auction at the State Convention; the remaining calls would then be sold on the Silent Auction or maybe placed on EBay or an Online Auction which would generate more money. Eric said he is working on a Sponsor for the Call Making Contest and has two company’s interested in supporting the Contest in the form of merchandise for the State Chapter. The final set of rules will be finalized and put on the website for everyone to view.


Shane Simpson asked for changes in the Call Contest. He would like to see this contest moved to the MN Sports Show in March in the Turkey Room and eliminate it from the State Convention. The Board preferred to have our Calling Contest during the State Convention; discussion followed and a motion was made to hold our usual Calling Contest at our Convention and discuss the possibilities of moving the Open portion to the Sports Show at our next Board meeting. The motion passed 7 to 3. Shane said he would work out the details for the Board for a State Open Call Contest at the Sport Show.



Dick S. said he will open up assignments for the 2013 MN State Board Committees; assignments and descriptions of each committee will be open for the Board Members to sign up for the committees they prefer. If the assignments are not filled, Dick will then assign them. The assignments for the State Convention have already been assigned.


MDHA would like to come to each Banquet to help promote the 600 to 800 kids who go to their Forkhorn Camps. We would also be allowed to go to their Banquets. It was left up to the Local Chapter to decide if they wanted them there.


The Northwest Sport Show will be March 21-24 and we will be looking for volunteers to run the show. We would like the Turkey Shop there and at the State Convention. The Calling Contest will be held on Sunday afternoon. The box calls were a huge success. Tom will be in charge of the Taxidermy portion of the show and asks everyone to bring in their birds to display. It would also be nice to have a home-made call display as well. Jason will be there with the JAKES Booth. Larry will be in charge of the call making portion on Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday. Eric said he would be there all 3 days and 15% of all of his sales will go the JAKES Program. Shane said he would be there Saturday and Sunday to conduct the Calling Contest. Tom G would like to have a Gun safe Raffle as well as sell memberships in the booth.


The will be no State Bus to the National Convention on February 14-17, 2013. 600 booths are already filled with another 50 to go, it will be sold out and packed.


Summer leadership will be June 14-17; the State would like to send 30 to 35 people depending on the costs. We will fly into Atlanta and then bus to Augusta, hopefully no one will have to take a taxi.


A motion was made to give Tanna S. a $500 advance for the JAKES party expenses. Motion carried.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:35.

Next Board Meeting is: December 8 – place to be determined

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