2013 Minnesota State "Norseman" Making Contest
Posted on 1/14/2013

Due to an error in the Judging there have been a couple of changes, 1). Trumpet Yelper Category: 3rd. Place is Chris Wall and in the Best Of Show Category: the winner is Jon Kennedy. To see all the information you will need to click on the Hilighted area of the Call Making Contest and then page down below the pictures to see the changes. Once material enters the Blog, the new info goes to the bottom and the old information stays for some time. Sorry for any inconvienience to this part of the site. If you have not built a profile as yet please do so, we would like to see your Blogs, Pictures and stories.

Good evening competitors!
On behalf of the MN NWTF organization we would like to thank you for your participation in this years event.
It was a banner year, featuring nearly 100 of the country's finest examples of workmanship.
Attached you will find the results of the competition.
Thank you for your patience as we prepared the results. In the future, all results will be posted the day of the competition.
We look forward to having you compete again next year & are looking in to expanded categories in 2014.
Best regards,
Eric Rice
MN NWTF State Board Member & Competition Co-Chair


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